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Ask These Questions To Find The Top Renewable energy Companies

People that go into business providing renewable energy systems normally do so because they are firm believers in renewable energy and the health of our world. This is good news of course, and some of these people are behind the top renewable energy companies. Unfortunately, there are some less scrupulous people in the renewable energy industry as well.

In this article we have prepared a list of questions that you must ask prospective renewable energy companies, to weed out those that don’t have providing you with the very best renewable energy installation experience at heart.

Speak to as many companies as you can in order to find the top renewable energy companies. You must be prepared to talk with at least three companies, and more if you can before agreeing any deals. Make sure that each company provides you with a written quotation and can answer all of the questions below to your satisfaction.

What is their level of Experience with Renewable Energy Installations?

You want to find out how many successful renewable energy systems they have installed. Ask them also how long they have been in the renewable energy installation business. If they have many years of successful renewable energy installations under their belt, then they are a good choice.

Renewable energy companies that have a great deal of experience and knowhow will be very happy to share details of successful installations that they have completed in the past. Their websites will have a testimonials section, and they will provide you with contact details for existing customers that are satisfied with their work.

Will the Renewable Energy Company deal with all of the necessary Incentive Paperwork?

There are often state and local incentives available for renewable energy installations. There are certainly Federal tax credits available. Ask the renewable energy company if they are aware of these incentives, and whether they will handle all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

They should certainly be aware of the available incentives and be willing to complete the necessary forms for you. You should not have to shoulder the burden of working out what incentives you are entitled to by purchasing a renewable energy system.

How do you know that my Roof is suitable for a Renewable Energy Panel Installation?

It is important that a renewable energy company perform a proper assessment on your roof. Does it have the right amount of exposure to the sun? The top renewable energy companies will have special software programs that can crunch the numbers to assess if your roof is suitable for renewable energy power.

What about the condition of your roof? Will it offer the right amount of support for the renewable energy panels and will it last if the panels will? Also, is your roof area large enough to support enough renewable energy panels to generate the power that you need?

What Warranties does the Renewable Energy Panel Company provide?

All of the renewable energy panels and the inverters that a renewable energy company provides should have warranties with them. Renewable energy modules should come with a power performance guarantee of at least 80% and this should last for at least 25 years.

Good quality inverters should have a warranty of at least ten years. The company should also guarantee their workmanship, and the norm here is a 2 year warranty. You need to know the coverage terms of the offered warranties and more importantly what is not covered.

What Payment Terms does the Company offer?

You will find that different companies have different payment options. These can range from deposit and final payments, to full upfront cash purchases, to leasing agreements that do not require any upfront payments. Be sure to find out what options are available to see if they suit your financial position.

Finding the top renewable energy companies will be a whole lot easier for you when you ask these questions.



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