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6 Things To Ask Renewable Energy Power Companies Before You Hire Them

To the uninitiated, all renewable energy power companies can seem very alike. But this is certainly not the case. You will need to do your homework to find the best company that will fully satisfy your requirements.

Asking the right questions of these companies is very important. Upgrading to renewable energy power can mean a hefty investment, so you want to make sure that you choose the best company. We have provided 6 questions in this article that you should ask every company that you contact. Don’t just choose the first renewable energy company that you come across.

Does the Company offer Free Estimates?

You may think this is a strange question, but you would be surprised just how many renewable energy companies do not provide free estimates. Always go for a company that will provide you with a free estimate as this should lower the overall installation costs. An accurate estimate is important so that you can properly arrange your financing.

What Warranties do the Company Provide?

Even the best renewable energy power companies can make mistakes with your installation. This is rare, but you need to have some protection against this. Ask about the warranties that each company provides with their renewable energy installations. Find out exactly what these warranties cover and don’t cover.

Things can go wrong even after a successful installation. You want to ensure that any warranties that you have are going to be of benefit to you. The bottom line is that the company at no charge will fix any defects for you. Otherwise you will be facing expensive repair bills.

Does the Company have a Proven Track Record and Reputation?

The best quality renewable energy companies will value their reputation above all else. It is essential for them to gain new customers and be around for a long time. These days you can go online and find reviews of work completed by these companies. Be sure to read them thoroughly before making any decisions.

Ask the renewable energy companies for referrals. They should be more than happy to supply you with the names and contact details of satisfied customers. Be sure to call these people and ask them how satisfied they were with the company. Don’t just take the company’s word for it.

What are the Policies of the Company?

Ask the various companies about their policies and particularly about customer service satisfaction. You want to be sure that the company you choose always puts their customers first and treats them with respect.

Find out how the company deals with customer complaints. They should have a procedure in place that ensures all complaints are managed to the total satisfaction of the customer. If they tell you that they never receive complaints then treat this with suspicion, and ask how long they have been in business.

Can the Company obtain the necessary Permits?

There are different building codes and fire regulations in different towns and cities and these will have an impact on the design of your system. Connection to the electrical grid is at the discretion of your local municipality, so find out how successful the renewable energy companies are at obtaining permits for this in your area.

This article on renewable energy power companies should have opened your eyes. You will be spending a lot of money on your renewable energy installation so be sure to gather as much information about renewable energy companies prior to hiring them.




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