Renewable Energy Panels

Everything That You Need To Know About Renewable Energy Panels

It is an expensive business installing renewable energy panels on your roof. Yes there are several advantages, but you really need to know what you are doing before you take this big step. The panels will be going on your roof which is a very expensive part of your home. So if you make any mistakes here they can be very costly ones.

Is your Roof right for Renewable Energy Panels?

You have to find out if your roof will suit a renewable energy installation. It may be that your roof is in the shade most days of the year. If this is the case, then you might not be able to justify the cost of a renewable energy installation against the small amount of power generated. This is very important and you need the right advice here.

If your roof is good for a renewable energy power installation, then what about its current condition? If repairs to your roof are necessary, then it is best to get these taken care of before you install renewable energy. Can you imagine the upheaval of removing a number of panels a few years later for roof repairs?

Investigate whether there are any future plans in your area for buildings that will put your roof in the shade. This can and has happened. If you have your own plans to plant trees in your yard then these need strategic positioning, so that the effectiveness of your renewable energy installation continues.

Check your Current Electrical Consumption and become more efficient

You need to conduct an electricity usage audit before you go ahead with a renewable energy installation. If you are consuming too much power at the moment, then renewable energy panels may not be able to provide enough electricity for your needs. Get your energy use house in order by cutting down on your electricity consumption.

What kind of Renewable Energy are you looking for?

Most people think that renewable energy is all about generating electricity. Well the photovoltaic technology will certainly do that for you, but there is another kind of renewable energy technology. You can have a thermal renewable energy installation which will heat air or water inside your home.

You need to conduct an audit of your energy costs. If your heating costs are far more expensive than your electricity costs then the thermal technology is the best option. Or maybe the cost of heating fuel far outweighs the cost of electricity where you live. Renewable energy thermal is pretty rare and it may be tough to find qualified installers for the panels.

Connecting to the Grid has its problems

The way that you will connect to the grid will vary depending upon where you live. In all cases you will need to make an application to the utility and obtain a permit. There will probably be a fee payable for this connection, and you will require a certified electrician to make the connection.

Different utility companies have different rules when it comes to providing you with credits for the electricity your renewable energy installation generates. This is “net metering” and the utility will reimburse you at a specific rate. In a lot of cases this will be at the same rate that other grid users pay for electricity. But it is not always this straight forward, and with a lesser rate recouping the cost of your renewable energy installation can be difficult.

Is it best to Buy or Lease?

You need to know what all of your options are here and be prepared to crunch the numbers. When you buy your renewable energy installation you will benefit from cheaper electricity years after you have paid for it. It will also increase the value of your home.

When you lease a renewable energy installation you do not own it and you will buy your electricity from your renewable energy company. This has the advantage of you not having to find large deposits and final payments.

You need to consider all of the issues above before you can justify the installation of renewable energy panels for your home. Never rush into a renewable energy installation.



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