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The Right Questions To Ask Renewable energy Panel Companies

You may have lots of questions already in mind to ask renewable energy panel companies if you are considering a renewable energy power installation. What really counts are the most important questions that will ensure that you will end up with a high quality installation that provides the right amount of energy for your needs.

The main reason that most homeowners go for a renewable energy installation is to save money on their electricity bill. There are other benefits too such as the reduced impact on the environment, but all renewable energy companies will provide this. So you need to think about the value that your renewable energy system will provide you in the long term.

Ask all renewable energy panel companies these questions:

What will be my Cost Savings over 20 Years?

There are several ways that you can pay for your new renewable energy installation. You can use your savings and pay in cash, you can apply for a renewable energy loan or a renewable energy lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) may be the best option for you. Whichever financial option you choose you can only properly evaluate your investment when you know what your savings will be.

When you are calculating everything choose a set period of time. Twenty years is a good option as most renewable energy panel system will have a lifespan of at least 25 years. You need to understand the different methods used by the companies to calculate the savings. They are likely to make different assumptions about electricity rate rises in your location, so ask them to work off of the same figures.

What will be the Upfront Costs for your Renewable Energy Installation?

Many different renewable energy installation offers will be available to you and you will find that the payment structures are going to vary. You can of course opt to pay for the whole system upfront, and you should get the very best deal for this. But there are other options such as power loans and lease / PPA schemes where there is no upfront payment required.

It should certainly follow that the more you pay initially the more savings you will make. But this might not be practical for you right now. So ask about minimum initial payments and paying more later on if this suits your situation.

Will the Payment Method chosen Increase the Value of your Property?

You should receive the same answer form all of the companies on this one. When you purchase your renewable energy panel system you are very likely to increase the value of your property. There have been many studies to prove this. A renewable energy system installed under a lease / PPA arrangement will not increase your property’s value because the system will not be yours.

What kind of Reputation does the Renewable Energy Company have?

You can ask a number of straightforward questions to determine this. The first of these is how long they have been operating. You might want to avoid using brand new companies unless you can really trust them and their deal is irresistible.

Also ask how many renewable energy systems they have installed. This doesn’t mean that you should choose the company with the most installations, but it will be a demonstration of their experience.

You will want to know what their experience is when it comes to dealing with utility companies, municipalities and obtaining the permits that you will need to connect to the power grid. You will require a permit to connect so ask them how familiar they are with the process in your area.

How willing are they to share previous customer references? Do they have reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers on their website and brochures? Are they happy for you to contact some of their clients and even view previous installations?

So there you have it. The key questions to ask renewable energy panel companies before you make a commitment to them. Take the time to ask these questions as it will pay off for you in the long run.



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