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Why You Should Leave Renewable Energy Panel Installation To The Experts

If you are a DIY enthusiast, then attempting a renewable energy panel installation yourself can seem quite appealing. But there is a lot more to installing renewable energy panels than you might imagine. It is not as easy as renewable energy kit suppliers will have you believe. In this article we will bring these things to light for you so that you make the right decision.

The Quality of Renewable Energy Panels

Most low cost renewable energy panels are Chinese made. While there is nothing wrong with this on the surface, you have to bear in mind that these panels could have been sitting in a warehouse for a very long time and they might be last year’s model. Advances in photovoltaic technology are happening all the time, so you need to check what technology you are buying.

Sometimes renewable energy panels do not arrive in perfect condition. There have been several stories of cheap renewable energy kits turning up with key components missing. Obtaining these components after delivery is not always easy. The purchase of cheap renewable energy kits can really backfire on you and cost you more over the longer term.

A Custom Designed Renewable Energy Installation is better

When you hire a quality renewable energy company for your renewable energy panel installation, you will have a custom-made solution for you home that will provide you with the energy savings you are looking for.

Contrast this with purchasing a renewable energy panel kit for installing yourself. How likely are these going to fit your roof perfectly and provide the energy levels that you require? It is very likely that most DIY renewable energy kits are not as effective as a custom design.

There are other things to consider when installing renewable energy panels, such as the correct size of panels required for your power needs today and in the future. Also is your roof really suitable? Does it have the desired space and the right angles to get the most out of renewable energy panels?

The positioning of renewable energy panels is very important. They need tilting correctly to deliver optimum results. A more important issue is whether your roof can support the loading of renewable energy panels.

These questions are easy to answer by qualified engineers that work for the best renewable energy companies. They have the experience and knowhow to place renewable energy panels properly on your roof. If you get this wrong then you will not save the money that you want.

Renewable energy Companies have the Knowhow and Experience with Roofs

In order to fit your renewable energy panels, you will need to drill holes in your roof. Your roof is an expensive commodity, and if you get this wrong you can end up with leaks. An experienced renewable energy panel installer will know how to treat your roof, and take its age and condition into consideration.

These installers are certified and qualified to install renewable energy panels in your state. You can do all of the research and watch a thousand how to videos, but you can never replicate the experience that these people have. They are also fully covered by insurance policies should things go wrong.

A long Warranty with Professionally supplied Renewable Energy Panel Installation

When you get the professionals to install your renewable energy system you will usually receive a warranty for at least 20 years. Even if you were to buy the top of the range renewable energy panels you may find that the guarantee will only be valid if a professional installs them. If you choose to install them yourself you have no warranty, and any problems later on will be expensive to fix.

A professional installation should ensure that any future problems are dealt with by the renewable energy company at their expense, and not yours. With a top quality renewable energy provider, you will get real time monitoring so that you can monitor the performance of your energy system.

You will need a Qualified Electrician and Permits

DIY installations will still require a qualified electrician to connect your renewable energy system to the power grid. You cannot do this yourself. The power utility will only allow certified electricians to sign off a connection to their grid. They often take a very long time to process applications, so you may be in for a long wait.

In order to connect to the grid there is a lot of paperwork to complete. You will need a permit, and it is likely that you will require the assistance of a licensed electrician to fill out the application correctly. This needs completing well in advance of your renewable energy installation.

Most states, cities and towns offer incentives for renewable energy installations. These can take a while to uncover, so you need to do your homework if you are doing everything yourself. There are Federal tax rebates as well, so prepare to get busy finding the right forms and making applications.

When you leave your renewable energy panel installation to a professional renewable energy company they will take care of this for you.




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