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With So Many Renewable Energy Companies Around How Do You Choose?

When you want to install renewable energy panels in your home or business it can be difficult to choose between the numerous renewable energy companies out there because they all seem similar. But there is no need for you to feel overwhelmed with this anymore, as this article will show you how to make the right choice.

Your Renewable Energy System Design needs to be Accurate

This is very important, and you want to use a renewable energy company that can provide you with the most accurate design for your roof and your current and future electricity requirements. The best design will ensure that you will end up with the most optimized electricity savings.

In addition to this, a more accurate renewable energy installation design will take factors such as the building code, shading and pitch into consideration. This will mean that you will face fewer changes in the future.

With a poorly designed renewable energy system you are more likely to have to encounter changes after signing the contract. It is in your interest to read and fully understand your renewable energy contract so that you know exactly where you stand in terms of changes.

Insist on an Energy Production Guarantee

The top quality renewable energy companies will be happy to provide you with an energy production guarantee. There will be some specific terms and conditions around this, so you must read and understand everything. There needs to be a way for you to monitor energy production and you must know what you can do if this falls short.

A good Company will fully explain your Financing Options

Stay clear of renewable energy companies that only want you to choose one financing option that suits them the best. The choice of financing should be your choice and it needs to suit your current situation.

When considering your options, you should think about the investment that you are prepared to make upfront for your renewable energy installation, your tax situation and your current credit score. Ask a few renewable energy companies to provide you with quotations and financing options.

Not all companies will be able to offer the same financing options, so this could literally mean the difference between going ahead with your renewable energy installation or not. It is important that you are very comfortable with your renewable energy financial arrangements.

Does a Qualified Engineer design the Renewable Energy Systems?

This is a very necessary question to ask as you do not want a renewable energy system installed designed by sales people. It needs designing by a qualified engineer who has the knowhow and technical expertise. This will ensure that your installation will be compliant with all building and safety regulations. After the installation ask who checks that the system is fully compliant?

The Company needs to disclose Electricity Production and Forecasting Methods

When factories produce renewable energy panels they calculate the electricity production of the panels under lab conditions. But the electrical output of renewable energy panels can vary when installed in the real world.

A good company will take into account your roof and make allowances for shading, the pitch of the roof and the weather patterns for the area historically. They will then be able to provide an accurate forecast of the likely electrical output from renewable energy panels in your home.

The Company needs to explain the Inverter Technology they will be using

You need to understand that there are different kinds of inverters available. The renewable energy companies should make an assessment of your home and then choose the most appropriate inverters. You need to understand the differences between these inverters.

A common inverter is the Single String Inverter. This provides a simple solution which is durable and will provide most homes with sufficient output. They are prone to a reduction in energy production if there are shading issues or a renewable energy panel is inoperative for some reason.

There are Microinverters which are good for renewable energy installations that have shading issues or sections of roof that are pointing in different directions. A mini inverter is assigned to each renewable energy panel so that if one reduces its output the others will still produce energy.

Finally, there are Optimizers which are similar to Microinverters in that they maximize energy production form all of the renewable energy panels. The difference is that an Optimizer has a central inverter so it is less complex, more durable and less expensive than installing Microinverters.

Make sure that any renewable energy companies that you talk to can answer these questions to your satisfaction. You want your renewable energy installation to be the best it can be and save you money for years to come.



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